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Comparing and Contrasting Tortoises and Turtles

Tortoises have heavy shells and turtles have lighter shells for swimming. Turtles can swim and on the other hand tortoises can’t swim for long. Turtles have three chambered hearts as well as tortoises. Tortoises have good colour vision as well as turtles. The oldest turtle is 192 years old however the oldest tortoise is 191 years old. Turtles have a memory of 7.5 months while tortoises have a memory of 18 months. 

Littering is bad for our environment.

Hello and today I am going to talk about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and rubbish and why it is bad for bird’s, fish, turtles and more.

Why do we litter? People often litter because they are too lazy to find a bin or take their rubbish home. Littering is bad for the environment because when you litter then all that litter gets blown into drains. Did you know that 80% of plastic from land ends up in the sea!

Every afternoon Room 6 picks up rubbish and over ten days we have picked up about 500 pieces of rubbish, including plastic. We all know how bad plastic is for our environment because it never decomposes or reduces. It has a bad effect on our sea animals if they eat it or if they get tangled up in it, like in fisherman’s netting.   


Our Sailing Day

Hello my name is Spencer and have you ever been sailing before because, luckily I have. Today I will be talking about Room 6 and Room 7 going sailing – so enjoy. Last Thursday, Room 6, Room 7, and the teachers were excited before we went to Panmure Basin for our sailing experience. 


Before the bell went, we barged out the gates and marched to the lagoon and when we walked past the boxing centre, my friend Pyro thought we were going to the boxing centre.


When we got there we had to walk like 10 miles – it felt like HELL!!! I was low on energy, legs hurting and it was painful When we got to the lagoon basin we listened to the teachers named Steph, Blair and Ellie.


Soon Room 7 went on the water first and we learned about some stuff like pulleys, the boom, knots in ropes, engines, sails and more things.


After Room 7 had finished on the water, it was our turn to sail. At first I didn’t have a partner to go with so I went with Steph in the speedboat. It was fun going fast. Later I swapped with Paula and went with Kava. I jumped over the side into the water which was very salty.


I struggled to walk back up the hill to school but I was very happy to walk through the school gates and get to class. It was a great day. 



Our trip to the stone cottage

                                      Stone cottage 


Yesterday St Patrick’s went to the stone cottage across the road. We had to go at 10 o’ clock in the morning and we met three people there whose names are Terry, Patrick and Josephine. I didn’t really know what to expect but it was very interesting when they started to tell the story about the cottage and who lived in it.

 Inside the stone cottage there were four dolls, three baby dolls and one human sized doll. There was one in the kitchen, one in the master bedroom, one in a little crib upstairs and one in the kid’s bedroom. They all looked cute.

The old utilities they used were a pot to pee or poop in and then the women would go outside and dig a hole and pour it in. And when the men drank tea which they loved doing, they had a special cup that would stop their moustaches from getting wet!!

After some time we had a little bit of time to have a class picture so we lined up. We all smiled happily so then we went back to school and at the end everyone was happy.

My cycling experience

On Monday two instructors named Kate and Kyla came to our school to teach us how to cycle safely. We had to split into two groups. The people who knew how to cycle went with Kyla and the people who did not know how to cycle went with Kate. The people who went with Kate went on a little ramp or a slope. When they cycle the bikes down the slope or the little ramp they go down fast!.

Before everything we had to check our bikes to see if they were safe to ride. We had to check the air in the bike’s tyres and the brakes. Then we had to go to check the chain and the controls and we had to drop the bike to see if anything falls off. After morning tea Kate went to the bottom court until lunch time. We stopped cycling and played one last game before they left for today.

My favourite part of cycling is when I went down the slope and the little ramp confidently. In the end everyone was tired but very happy we had fun learning new skills.


Characterisation of Fingerbone Bill and Storm Boy

I am aged and wizened and I adore Storm Boy as if he was my own kid. I like to educate people. Instead of Storm Boy my kid, Storm Boy and I are just best friends
I am …………………Fingerbone Bill

I am a young boy with a hideaway dad and a best friend named Fingerbone Bill. I am not petrified of storms and all the fish are my friends. I love being by myself on the beach looking for shells. Some people might think I am lonely or should be at school, but this is the only place I know and want to live in.

I am………..Storm Boy

Our Ki o rahi tournament

Yesterday room 6 room 7 and room 8 were going to play Ki o Rahi in our first ever tournament. We played in our houses and we have four colors – red for Rata, green for Kauri, blue for Rimu and yellow for Totara. I am in Rata and I brought me PE gear from home.

Coach Trey was the ref and he was really good because he kept the games moving. I was lucky to play two games. The weather was really sunny and warm and we were even happy when we sat out on the wall and watched others play. The winning house was Kauri. Everyone played against everyone and I felt bad for my friend Ramsey because he only got to play one game.

I saw some awesome players and some were in room 6 and room 7 and room 8.  It was a great competition.


Some pelicans live in Australia. They like to live near water like seas and also rivers or ponds. They also live on the land.


A pelican is a large bird and it has white feathers. It has a long beak with a sharp hook on the end. It has very short. Young pelicans have pink bills and legs and adult pelicans have orange bills and legs.


Pelicans like to eat lots of fish and crabs; also frogs and lobsters.


The baby pelicans grunt to beg for food a call that sounds much like the bark of a small dog.


Pelicans live 15 – 25 years

ANZAC Biscuit


Last week Room 6  was learning about ANZAC biscuits and why they are important to New Zealanders and Australians. In world war 1 New  Zealanders and Australians fought together in war. NZ and Australian women baked ANZAC cookies  for the soldiers to eat. The ingredients are butter,  flour,  golden syrup and baking soda. When I took a bite it tasted crunchy and crumbly like salty chips, but it was as sweet as sugar.