Month: March 2023

Celebrating our 175 Year Jubilee

On 17.03.23 it was St Patrick’s 175 year jubilee celebrations on Friday Saturday and Sunday. On Friday I woke up so early I was still tired. I brushed my teeth and washed my  face and got ready. When we got to school I played with some friends. When the bell rang I started to feel excited for the day ahead.

At first we walked over to the church. Father asked us some questions about the life of St Patrick. Afterwards we went outside to dig up the Time Capsule from 25 years ago. He asked something like what would we look like after 25 years and we all sang songs and all of us were happy.

Then we came back to school and had morning tea. After that we played tabloids in teams. My favourite activity was paper, scissors, rock.

On Sunday some of my family came with me to church. After church we went to the hall. We saw some dances and had lunch. It was the greatest celebration for our school and parish together.