Littering is bad for our environment.

Hello and today I am going to talk about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and rubbish and why it is bad for bird’s, fish, turtles and more.

Why do we litter? People often litter because they are too lazy to find a bin or take their rubbish home. Littering is bad for the environment because when you litter then all that litter gets blown into drains. Did you know that 80% of plastic from land ends up in the sea!

Every afternoon Room 6 picks up rubbish and over ten days we have picked up about 500 pieces of rubbish, including plastic. We all know how bad plastic is for our environment because it never decomposes or reduces. It has a bad effect on our sea animals if they eat it or if they get tangled up in it, like in fisherman’s netting.   


One thought on “Littering is bad for our environment.

  1. It is good to know a bit about the enviroment and what we could do to prevent this so that we can take care of the earth and the animals on this planet so that it can last for generations to come. Thank you for sharing keep up the good work

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