My cycling experience

On Monday two instructors named Kate and Kyla came to our school to teach us how to cycle safely. We had to split into two groups. The people who knew how to cycle went with Kyla and the people who did not know how to cycle went with Kate. The people who went with Kate went on a little ramp or a slope. When they cycle the bikes down the slope or the little ramp they go down fast!.

Before everything we had to check our bikes to see if they were safe to ride. We had to check the air in the bike’s tyres and the brakes. Then we had to go to check the chain and the controls and we had to drop the bike to see if anything falls off. After morning tea Kate went to the bottom court until lunch time. We stopped cycling and played one last game before they left for today.

My favourite part of cycling is when I went down the slope and the little ramp confidently. In the end everyone was tired but very happy we had fun learning new skills.


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